A Bittersweet Morning of Worship

We love our church family at the Western Hills Church of Christ so very much. So many people there have been absolutely wonderful to Jessica, myself, and especially, our children.

While we still have a couple of weeks left, we were invited during the morning worship services to say a few words about France, and to have Dan Lang and the church pray over us. This video from Doctor Who, one of my favorite shows, basically sums up how I felt through all of this. If you are familiar with Doctor Who, though, you know that he regenerates and his life continues. Through this process, his life ends in some ways and starts anew in others, but there are still great friends and memories of old to cling to as new adventures arrive. So while we may also not want to go, we cling to everything good and wonderful from the past four years in Cincinnati, especially from our church family, knowing that they are not lost, but are now a wonderful part of who we are moving forward.