It's testing time

Every three months our language school has a larger series of exams, written and oral, to see how much we have progressed and if we can move onto the next language level. Well… that time has come! At the end of this week and continuing into next week, we’ll have our first series of these tests.

In one sense, it’s very intimidating to sit down for tests that will directly impact the progression in our language studies. I can’t say that I’m feeling stressed (or at least not yet, but maybe the stress will come), but there is a certain degree of pressure I’m feeling. Our ability to do ministry in France hinges almost completely on our ability to learn the language. So, you know, that’s some pressure!  

In another sense, we have both progressed so much in the past few months. When we first moved to France, I dreaded having to talk to anybody because I could not understand anything that they were saying. Seriously, nothing! Thankfully that has changed! Certainly, there are still a lot of times where I’m clueless, but with each day I can tell that my ears are getting more accustomed to the language.

For me, the tests are important, but as we all know tests cannot measure everything. I want to do well (the perfectionist in me wants to do REALLY well!), but even more than scoring high marks on a test I want to be able to communicate freely in French. Please pray that the Lord continues to bless our efforts in language learning, that he helps our ears and mouths get accustomed to hearing and speaking French, and for patience for our instructors, neighbors, and French friends as they cringe through all our mistakes!

~ Jessica