Our first break

We survived the first session at our language school and have been on break for the past week! It has been so nice! I love our language school, but I know that it will be hard to go back to class tomorrow. It has been wonderful to be able to spend time as a family without the looming thought of homework or assignments for any of us.

Our older girls actually had two weeks off from school, so spent the previous week in a “loisir” center, which is basically a city-run activity center. Each day they would go somewhere new like a farm, playground, or the pool. Even with so many fun things planned for them to do, I think that both of our girls were happy when Friday came around and we were ALL on break together.

During the first half of the week we were able to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, visit Notre Dame and the Arc in Paris, and try a new gelato shop! Unfortunately, the second half of the week Glen and I caught a flu/cold hybrid, which left each of us down and out for a few days. While it felt like a waste to be sick on break, I would much rather that then have to miss classes.

Now we didn’t completely take the week off from language study, but Glen and I both chose to do things we wouldn’t normally do in the classroom. We watched some movies and TV shows in French, read some books in French (or at least tried to!), and have tried challenging ourselves to have more conversations in French to practice.

While it will be tough to wake up in the morning to head back to class (I’ve been enjoying our relaxing mornings this week!), I’m looking forward to diving back into our French studies and getting back into a routine. My prayer is that we see just as much, if not more, progress this next session as we did our first.

~ Jessica ~