Hi-Plains School of Missions

Dead tortoises. It was sad, but interesting, to see a couple dead tortoises along the side of the road. Another missionary reported running over a snake on their drive here. Even the roadkill is a bit different. I have never traveled west of St. Louis, and I am excited to discover a little more of America before we leave it indefinitely. 

The Hi-Plains School of Missions is a great ministry that is organized by church leaders from areas of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Every year they have a handful of missionaries come out and travel around between their churches sharing about their work. So for the next three weeks I will present about FCM to 18 different churches. Then I will drive up to Nebraska where some awesome friends have arranged for me to present our work to their church.

There is a basic idea that we have embraced which has continually proven to be true: When we share about or work, good things happen. Given this, the next few weeks should have some really good things happening. 

Keep checking back here and on Facebook for updates and pictures. In the mean time, check out this classic movie clip. During my drive my mind was flooded with different thoughts and themes of heading out West. This movie clip will give you a peek into the crazy.