First Week of School

The first week of school was a success! The girls may have crashed at the end of the week, but they LOVED it! We homeschooled last year, so this was our first taste of public school. Elizabeth started first grade and Hannah is in her second year of preschool.


I’d love to say that I didn’t cry, but I did. Only a little. And I waited until we had dropped them off at their classrooms.

As is expected with two little ones in their first week of school, we heard a LOT of stories at the dinner table. Hannah had us cracking up after her first day of school. Her class read a Pete the Cat book and then had to follow clues to try to find Pete the Cat hiding in the school. So Hannah told us about how a clue took them to the library, then to the cafeteria, then to the playground. Then they came back to the class and Pete the Cat was sitting in the rocking chair. So Hannah says, "He was in our class the whole time! That is one sneeeeaky cat!!!"

Elizabeth had some funny moments too. After telling Glen that they had learned about the schedule and class rules on the first day, Glen asked if they were good rules. Elizabeth says, "They are pretty hard, but I am the best at them...Not those boys, though!"

One of the mornings this week Elizabeth was talking about assignments and Hannah said, "What's an assignment?" Elizabeth says, "Don't you know?! Don't you do them in your class?" Hannah says, "Nope! We just play all day." Elizabeth then says, "That would be sooooo boring." Elizabeth’s taking this first grade thing pretty seriously.

We can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester unfolds, and to hear more of these girls’ funny stories!

~ Jessica ~