Lake James School of Missions - Tuesday Update

I have been attending the Lake James School of Missions since I was three years old, and this week has blessed me greatly. I can still remember the first year that Jessica came as my wife, and my mom was so nervous. "What if she doesn't like it? Will you keep coming?" Thankfully Jessica immediately saw how amazing this time is and now our kids are old enough to talk about "that camp with the lake" during all times of the year with excitement. 

Two years ago I came to Lake James as excited as ever, but through the week a thought formed in my head that had never been there before. At this point, I had just gotten back from my internship in France, and Jessica and I had taken on a new determination for our future in France. As such, I saw the many speakers gracing the stage and a gnawing thought danced around that was new to me: "I think I want to be on this stage." In my mind I envisioned this happening during  a furlough maybe 10 years down the road, but I have been blessed to have this dream expedited.

Even though I stepped onto the stage last night feeling more nervous than usual, I can definitely say that speaking to these wonderful people was a real joy. Afterward, many have been so gracious and encouraging with their thoughts. Here is what I hope results from my message. I am truly excited about sharing the Gospel in France and feel passionately that they need Jesus desperately. I hope that this excitement and passion came through and were encouragements to some who needed it for their own situations. Whether or not this occurred, I cannot know for sure, but I can say without doubt that I have been blessed by this opportunity and am so grateful for the experience.