A great Father's Day

I am so proud of my three daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Madeline. They are truly wonderful and fill my heart so much.

As a father there are a few things that I am particularly thankful for. One such thing is having a church family that our family can be a part of. Few times of the year demonstrates how our church blesses our family more than VBS, and this past year we felt so much support and love from our church as we represented FCM as the VBS missionaries. The video posted here is a sign of how this week impacted my girls' lives. They may not fully comprehend the words of this song as they sing, but they do know that they are praising their Lord.

I pray that the words of this song are true for their lives, and I continually seek to help them trust God as their lighthouse. This is my main role as their father.

If you are reading this, your Father in Heaven truly loves you. Just as any good earthly Father desires the best and most for their children, God desires this for you as well. Do not hide in the darkness in your shame or doubt or fear any longer. Trust him and turn to him. His light will lead you on. If you are not sure how to do this, find a church family. The father typing this on this special day does not know what he would do without his.