Peanut butter, hot sauce, fried chicken, and bagels

What do peanut butter, hot sauce, fried chicken, and bagels have in common? Outside of the fact that all of them are pretty wonderful, the common denominator is that they, along with other foods, are next to impossible to find in France.

I know, I had to pause too after imagining a life without peanut butter. Of course, the French have Nutella, but it's just not the same as a sandwich made with some classic Jif.

Moving to France will be a major culture shock to our family... to say the least. To help our family withstand the impact, we are doing our best to educate ourselves as much as possible with tidbits on French culture, food, life, etc. Knowledge is power, right? But I think our saving grace to having a smooth transition is to approach the whole situation with a sense of humor. 

Glen came across an article this week on Buzzfeed that gave us a little chuckle, and we wanted to share with you. The article is entitled "17 Foods All Americans Miss While Living In Europe" and we were pretty surprised to see some of the food items that made the list.

What food would you miss the most?

All I know is that my suitcase might have a couple of jars of peanut butter stashed in there!