Happy Hobby-ing

Over the years Glen and I have received loads of advice for ministry, marriage, parenting, and the list goes on and on. One of the best bits of advice that we have received, and this was years ago when we were first starting out, was that we should always make time to invest in our hobbies. When you’re in ministry, whether professionally or as a dedicated volunteer, it has the tendency to be an all-consuming black hole that can suck you in and spit you back out drained and empty. I know that sounds quite depressing, but we all know people, maybe even you, that have fallen into the trap.

Anyhow, that advice has always stuck with me and over the years I have come to recognize and appreciate the wisdom behind it. I think of some of the people that I respect and look up to and all of them have something outside of ministry or work that adds a dimension onto their lives. The practical, emotionally stabilizing, and holistic reasons why having a hobby are just the best.

So… what are your hobbies? What do you love to do when you have time that’s just yours with no work or family obligations?

Me? I love to run and read and practice calligraphy. Minus the reading, I’m not really stellar at the other two. I just love them. Thankfully perfection’s not a requirement. The running and the reading and the calligraphy-ing allow me the time to process my thoughts, emotions, and whatever else in a really constructive way.

I have truly come to appreciate the importance of having something outside of work, especially as we prepare to move to France in three weeks. Everything is changing… EVERYTHING. And it’s good, but the constant changing and moving and preparations are a cesspool for stress. So I’ve been incredibly thankful for that person years ago who encouraged us to take the time to invest in our hobbies, because that investment is paying off.

Happy hobby-ing!