Simple French Cooking Lesson

I love the idea of cooking. Unfortunately, I’ve never really been much of a cook. That skill has largely been dominated by Glen. Baking is much more my cup of tea. I do really well with the strict measurements and proportions that are called for in baking. The ‘dashes of this’ and ‘pinches of that’ in cooking have always been a little too much for me. But I love the idea of cooking, so I am trying to give it a shot.

A few weeks ago, Glen and I discovered a cute little French shop in Cincinnati, Le Bon Vivant, which sells a number of imported items from France. We found a children’s cookbook called ‘Kids Cook French’ by Claudine Pépin. The book has recipes in both English and French (although I’m not quite to the point where I can read the French parts!).

Even though it’s a kid’s cookbook, the recipes actually looked pretty good to me too! So, I decided to give one of the recipes a shot: Sautéed White Fish and Secret Sauce. Yumm. The recipe is really pretty simple (necessary requirement for me). You start by lightly dredging the white fish followed by sautéing in a skillet with butter and oil.  

Once the fish has finished sautéing on both sides, remove from the skillet and add lemon juice, basil, more butter, and salt and pepper to the remaining oil and butter in the pan. Reduce slightly and then top your fish with the secret sauce. I decided to serve the fish with rice, green beans, and rolls (not pictured).

The girls can sometimes be iffy on fish, so I wasn’t sure how they would take it. To my delight, they both devoured the fish and asked for seconds! I’d call that a success.

The hard part now is deciding which dish to make next!

Bon appétit!

~ Jessica ~