Is France really a country in need?

When you think of France, what do you think of? Paris. The Eiffel Tower. Gourmet cuisine. Haute couture. Elaborately designed cathedrals. The list goes on and on! France is certainly not a country that we think of as being in need. However, it is one of the most spiritually deprived countries in the world. In fact, estimates of 20-29% of French individuals identify as a "convinced atheist." [1]

Let that sink in. Almost 30% of French people live their lives convinced that there is not God. The need is heartbreaking. While it may be comforting to think of 70% of the nation believing in some type of God, only 13% of French people state that religion is important to them [2]. The needs of France come down to the heart of the people and their true need for the hope and life that can only be found in knowing God and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So... short answer. Yes. France is a country in need - spiritual need!

Glen and I, along with our three girls, are hoping to move to France to share with them the love of God and share God's Word. We know that the road will be challenging, but we trust that God will provide through it all.

Please stay tuned as we continue our fundraising and get closer to our January 2017 departure!

~ Jessica ~


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